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Synthetic Block - Sonic Approach hyby0204

2003. This Hypnos/Binary debut by Synthetic Block blends "classic EM" elements with a more modern approach. It was mastered by Dave Fulton (who also played on one track) and is sonically amazing. One of the best things about running a small record label is the opportunity to help expose more people to artists like this one, whose work merits much wider exposure. Give it a listen!

Track list with MP3 samples:
Variations on a Theme of Absence
The Quartz Marsh
Sonic Approach
Bed of Sphinxes
The Square Triangle
Sonic Recoil


"Pretty... spacey... and sometimes so crispy clean it seems a bit sterile, though when soundscapes are this gorgeous, that's a niggling point. Synthetic Block merges fluid melodies into starlit ethereality with his gentle Sonic Approach. A-"
--David Opdyke, The AmbiEntrance

"Sonic Approach (8 tracks, almost 60 min.) has been worth the wait, offering another blend of classic electronics & the sophisticated infusion of modern approaches, so-called "Block-treatments". Next to the flowing passages there are sequenced , more structured parts leading the way, but there's always
this lush, adventurous feel showing up during the whole record.... a very enjoyable experience, in which you actually experience electronic music of
former times get connected to the present. Well done!"
--Bert Strolenberg, KLEM Magazine, The Netherlands

"Sonic Approach amply demonstrates Jonathan Block's imaginative vision of a contemporary direction for EM by integrating subtly abstract (yet accessible) elements with more mainstream Berlin school structures and sounds. Some tracks on the album have a rich cinematic characteristic and others are draped in neo- and/or retro-futurism. I enjoyed the album the more I played it, as (like so many "pure" electronic music releases) its compositional depth is revealed slowly, rewarding the patient listener. While less emotionally involving than, for example, the works of Dom F. Scab or
Ron Boots, Block's album still presents music that offers an enjoyable experience and represents time well spent exploring its assorted pathways. Recommended."
-- Bill Binkelman,