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Vir Unis & Saul Stokes - Thermal Transfer hyby0203

2002. The third Binary release, first ever collaboration between Vir Unis and Stokes, THERMAL TRANSFER is also the most uptempo, high energy recording yet released by Hypnos or its related labels. In fact, truth be told, this recording is the very reason that the Binary label was created -- so Hypnos could bring you excellent electronic music, even if the style in question was too "hyperactive" for the Hypnos label. The mp3 clip samples below should give you some idea why we're as excited about THERMAL TRANSFER as anything we've ever released.

Track listing, with MP3 audio clips:
01 Kinetic Center mp3 clip
02 Stroboscopic mp3 clip
03 Replicants in Orbit mp3 clip
04 Modea's Liquid Metal mp3 clip
05 Blurring Maguro mp3 clip
06 Surface Solair mp3 clip
07 The Burning Ground mp3 clip
08 Thermal Transfer mp3 clip
09 Blurring Maguro (interstitial Remix) mp3 clip

"I have to say Thermal Transfer now is one of my favorite hypnos family releases. Very cool production and a very nice synthesis/blending of the pair's (Vir Unis & Saul Stokes) individual styles. Recomended!"
--Dave Fulton (Hypnos and Binary artist, member of Dweller at the Threshold)