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Viridian Sun - Infinite In All Directions hyp2957

2009. Viridian Sun is a duo focusing on abstract improvisation, featuring Hypnos founder Mike Griffin, and Hypnos solo artist David Tollefson. Their last studio album Perihelion was released a full decade ago on Hypnos, though VS continued to record together and occasionally
perform live. The new album Infinite In All Directions moves into slightly different sonic material, downplaying synthesizer electronics in favor of guitar and bass guitar, electronically treated and looped. The result combines sustained, blissful drones, along with occasionally strange, complex overlapping loops.

For a retrospective of the sound of Viridian Sun, including two tracks from the new album, as well as rarities and unreleased tracks, listen to the first Hypnos Podcast: Hypnos Podcast 01.

Those interested may also check out a bit of background on the Hypnos Forum, along with photographs of the recording
sessions, for the new album over the past eighteen months here.

This is the first release on Hypnos featuring our new, simplified packaging. Click here to see a photograph of the assembled package, which includes CD and booklet inside a translucent envelope. It should be clarified that despite the new packaging, Hypnos releases are still proper, manufactured CDs, and not CDRs. The envelopes are heavy, translucent recyclable paper, not true vellum (in other words, these are not made from animal skin).

Many Hypnos listeners have asked over the years when we'll release something new by Viridian Sun, and we now present an album that may be their best yet: Infinite In All Directions.

Track listing with MP3 samples:
1 > infinite in all directions > 13:31 mp3 clip
2 > parallax drift > 07:13 mp3 clip
3 > four times I slept for a year > 09:46 mp3 clip
4 > travel at absolute zero > 05:03 mp3 clip
5 > 40 Hz emergence > 05:41 mp3 clip
6 > magnetars cast no shadow > 12:52 mp3 clip
7 > light years from here > 08:58 mp3 clip