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A Produce & M Griffin - Altara

The first collaboration between Los Angeles-based electronic trance/ambient artist A Produce, and Hypnos founder/Viridian Sun member M Griffin. Open and spacious long-form ambience. The ALTARA CD is long out of print, but you can now download the album in digital format.

ALTARA tracks include:
01. Overground
02. Altara
03. Diffusion
04. Seek Nothing
05. You Send Me the Message


"Utterly superb. It's been glued to my CD player since I got it Monday. I am particularly a fan of the deep and dark ambient stuff, and last night ALTARA was on inifinite repeat."
--Mike McLatchey, Reviewer for Expose

"Altara is a minimal, slowly evolving affair and deals with the effect of sound on the listener, filling space with sound and the points in time when the sound is perceived. The duo manipulate interesting timbres into drones that, when exposed to over time, one loses the sense of this dimension. The pieces vary in length but with no real beginning, middle or end the listener will consult the sleeve notes to be sure of the duration of each track. In the same way we contemplate the fullness of an empty vase, Altara occupies the listening environment."
--Chuck VanZyl, Star's End Radio, WXPN, Philadelphia

"I've been more interested lately in the experimental and quite minimal, frequently more avant-garde music, and so I too have been enjoying the work on Hypnos. Altara is a work which pushes the limit even further in this region as it's clearly one of the best drone works I have ever listened to. It's a truly mesmerizing and spatial work that clearly shows a healthy contribution from A Produce's synth textures and Mike Griffin's approach to sound. Its minimalism, depth and simultaneously complexity makes Altara for me a real joy to spend time with."
--Vidna Obmana

"Just got ALTARA today. Wonderful album! For those of you who haven't already done so, go check out ALTARA by A Produce and M Griffin. Dark, moody and wonderful."
--Scott Vincent, WVKR Radio

"Though each of the five pieces dovetail nicely into one another, there is something particulary engaging about the final, thirty-six minute drone, "You Send Me the Message", vaguely reminiscent of A Produce's "A Smooth Surface (Extended)" but now roughened up slightly and submerged in inkier depths. Drift music in the murkiest of waters, this collaboration is still a triumph of clarity of vision and purpose and as such, one of the best of the year."
--Stephen Fruitman, The AmbiEntrance

"Wow. That's my initial reaction to Altara, the eagerly awaited collaboration between two great ambient artists, A Produce and M Griffin. The year isn't quite done yet, but I can state without reservation that this will make my "best of" list for 1999. Slow and patient, yet exhilarating and exciting, Altara is a testament to what ambient music can and should be... Altara is the perfect balance between darkness and beauty."
Phil Derby, SMD