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Crawl Unit - Vs Silence man19

Ultra-minimal ambience approaching the limits of silence.

"The sounds on this record, originally recorded between 1993 and 1995, were intended for use as "environmental sound for exhibition space". These pieces are remarkable for how their subtle and dense soundscaping continuously moves in and out of a foundation in silence. These five segments create an amorphous whole where silence is not only used as marks of punctuation, but fulfils its double role as both the source and the destination of sound. Highly recommended."
--Reviewed by Richard DiSanto,

Manifold says:
Classic re-issue of the only "dark-ambient" Crawl Unit record, if there is such a thing. Joe might kill me for saying that but this demo gave me the blissful creeps for a year before I finally called Joe Colley and said we have to make a record of this. This is a sonorous, billowing cloud of sound, expanding, deepening, wavering, occasionally throbbing the speakers with titanic world-heavy bumps and textures. The untitled tracks here seem to corrode and meld into each othr like tectonic plates, slowly crushing into the edges, burrowing and rumbling. All over this a dire wind stretches. Ground metaphors don't do it justice because this feels so effervescent and airy. Light, yet totally black. In original artwork.

1 Untitled 24:14
2 Untitled 2:06
3 Untitled 6:41
4 Untitled 20:07
5 Untitled 16:14

Remixed and expanded from original live on-site recordings intended as environmental sound for exhibition space, utilizing source elements recorded Winter 1993, Somerville, Mass. No computers, samplers or MIDI used. Final mix realized Summer 1995 at Studio for Regenerative Cosmetics, Sacramento, CA. DAT transfer and assistance at EMRL.

This recording contains volume variation. Use caution during playback. EQ adjustment is encouraged. Headphones are not recommended.