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TUU - Mesh hos23

A tribal ambient release with elements of ritual ambient, Mesh meshes elements of both in a psychedelic ambient haze. It's warm and embracing, yet tangibly experimental in a way that induces a focused mindset. It weaves its way through a labyrinth of lush sonic foliage but ensures an equal focus on the arduous terrain of it's soundscape, as well. A calming release, Mesh is emblematic of Tuu's maturation as an ambient trio. It integrates the expected tribal instrumentation in an unusual way, complimenting each sonic antithesis that confronts it in a manner that results in a sense of completion; of wholesomeness. The British trio, comprised of Martin Franklin, Richard Clare, and Mykl O' Dempsey, all have had experience as solo recording artists in the vein of ambient music, but it's clear that their best work comes together as a group. Mesh is truly a mixing pot of a variety of factors, but it's executed at a superb level, and accomplishes its genre's aesthetic supremely. For anyone looking for psychedelia, or something that's deeply meditative, Mesh is a fantastic mesh between the two. -