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Ben Fleury-Steiner - Chroma gos04

Whereas Ben’s release …To Reach the other Shore is soft and soothing, Chroma is decidedly eerie and unsettling. Dark sounds swirl around echoing voices on “Threadborn in My Eye.” Things turn even more melancholic and foreboding on “An Unspoken Domesticity.” The music is as delicate throughout Chroma as it is ascetic. It plays like the soundtrack to a chilling low-key psychological thriller. Even the more delicate selections like “Moths in a Cube” have a certain uneasiness about them, beautiful though they are. “Paper of Cells” has lightly churning water and loads of atmospheric synth textures emerging from the misty fog. Odd samples toward the end are fascinatingly disturbing, or disturbingly fascinating. Experimentation abounds, as on the brief abstract “Static Quickens to a Flicker.” Water returns on “In Circumstance of Weather,” though low rumbling drones are the main sound. If you like dark organic works by Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Steven Philips, Lustmord and others, you will feel right at home. The “lightest” track is the closer, “A Period Without Words,” but even this merely raises you perhaps halfway up the Marianas Trench, still a long way from the surface. Chroma is certain enjoyment for the adventurous.
-PHIL DERBY Electroambientspace

"With this release, Fleury-Steiner continues to generate soothing tuneage that drifts high overhead. The ethereal electronic textures are mingled with softly mechanical buzzings and almost subliminal whirs, evoking a remote machine presence creeping up on the audience. The deviations from track to track are very subtle, usually found within the faint embellishments that surface and sink throughout the elongated refined droning. Sparsely dressed tuneage such as this leaves little room for the mind to focus on any part of the music, existing primarily as a minimal backdrop for whatever the listener chooses to do while playing the CD."