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Enten Hitti - Fino Alla Fine Della Notte US01


"A concert that lasts one night. A journey ... inside of yourself ... in the enviroment ... from midnight to dawn ... between waking and sleep.. A rite .. hypnotic melodies, ancestral sounds. Dozens of people in their sleeping bags ... to navigate the dream ... together ... The experience of sleeping concert made by Enten Hitti here is the album that sums up in a nutshell the atmosphere of those nights.

Pierangelo Pandiscia : shamanic drums , trumpet pumpkin , zils , rattles ,ocarinas , harmonics bottles, sonorous stones, voice , guitar.
Gino Ape : oboe , percussions , ocarina , voice , piano.

Giampaolo Verga : violin
Afra Crudo: voice in “Un canto solitario” and "Ho visto anche dei funghi felici”
Enya Idda: voce in “Inizia il viaggio”
Lorenzo Pierobon: overtone singing in “Inizia il viaggio”
Lello Cassinotti:Voice in “Nelle terre di mezzo” and “Ho visto anche dei funghi felici”
Vincenzo Zitello: bardic harp in “Dentro il sogno”
Alio Die: guzheng and field recordings in “Dentro il sogno”.

Cover/ back-cover art and photos by Linda Serra.
Artwork by Hic Sunt Leones."