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Somma - Hooked Light Rays US25


"Most Laswell fans know him for many things, among these his penchant for inspired, ambient journeys into meta-musical soundscapes. With Hooked Light Rays, Mr. Laswell 'goes Tibetan' in a way most of his fans would not expect. Of course, Laswell's signature etheric touches abound, but this record is all about shattering expectations, transcending aural comfort zones and entering bizarre realms of deep ritual and states of deeper trance.

Low, throaty, droning Tibetan chants dominate the recording. These swell into occasional (and frequent) bursts of ringing bells, horns, and a clamour that is at first jarring, but with patience the listener becomes aware that this is more ritual than music and more esoteric Tibetanism than anything Laswell could hope to create on his own. The album seems to be more about Bill Laswell bringing you to a place in music that one would otherwise never hear: the centre of a most eccentric from of Tibetan 'sound and vision'. Nothing more, nothing less. Hooked Light Rays may not be the most-played disc you'll ever own, but for those who enjoy participating in Bill Laswell's exploration of 'occult' music, HLR an absolute must." --Fan of the Ambient Wave,

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