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Various - The Year of Silence (A Dorobo Compilation) US35


"Most of the disc is the work of Darrin Verhagen, the founder of the Dorobo label, under various monikers and style of electronic based music (Shinjuku Thief and Professor Richmann).

I've read reviews of his work as being 'sinister' in nature but didn't get that vibe. Might be my mood. It's definitely dark and moody and, I suppose, a lost in the woods kind of creepy from watching too many horror flicks as a kid kind of way but it's highly engaging and interesting.

I highly recommend it if you aren't familiar with the works of the artists here and are interested in more industrial ambient sounds, most notably Paul Schütze and David Thrussell's work as Black Lung."

Ranidella Signifera - Melbourne Uni Dept. of Zoology
The Heart That Fades - Paul Schütze
Lips Of The Guilty - Shinjuku Thief
A Promise And A Lecture - Shinjuku Thief
Wolfzahn - Shinjuku Thief
Poena Damni - Shinjuku Thief
Claire's Dream - Tch
Rex 84 - Black Lung
Meat Manager- Black Lung
Fax - Professor Richmann
Obsidious (Remix) - Professor Richmann
Primal Image (Edit) - Alan Lamb
Hunter Prelude - Shinjuku Thief

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