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Juxta Phona & Offthesky - !Escape Kit! misc87

Juxta phone and offthesky are two very different coins - the former contains beats and strange electronic rhythms and the latter is a melodic acoustic affair... the glue that holds these two together is mr. jason corder who plays vibraphone/guitar for the rag-a-muffin' acid jazzish trio known as juxta phona and who also headway's the progressive acoustic outfit offthesky. when he decided to produce the second juxta phona record (the first of which has not actually been published as of yet), his productions and atmospheric elements permeated the mix... this making this record a right slpit - not quite 100% beats/treats and acid jazz feats like the juxta phona have aimed to carve and not quite the somber melodic micro toned ambience that offthesky parades. it's as if you added orange juice and apple juice (with a little rum)... tossed it in a blender, and out came... !escape kit!.