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John Lakveet - The Force Of Reason misc105

"The Groove site describes The Force of Reason as 'versatile melodic sequencing.' Versatile is a perfect description of this excellent release. Yes, the classic Berlin school touches are there – great synths and sequencing and all that. But what really satisfies is the varied moods and sounds employed so effectively throughout. The centerpiece is 'Nihil-ibuster,' an amazing feat for the usually concise Lakveet. This epic musical concept stretches over nearly 25 minutes, unheard of for the man who, like fellow Spaniard Dom F. Scab, specializes in pop-length synth tunes. It is a daring, experimental piece for Lakveet, and he pulls it off beautifully – a piano section here, a flute section there, a smattering of atmospheric sounds and effects, and perhaps most surprising of all, no sequencing until almost 17 minutes have gone by. If you prefer his more melodic composed works, you will still have plenty to choose from. The lead-off track 'Leibniz and contingency' is first and foremost about the bubbly sequencing, which starts from the word go. But even this track is a tale of two halves, the latter being sparse tinkling electronics and light lead lines amidst a backdrop of various synth textures. I never cease to be impressed by great sequencing, and the middle of 'Checkmate to B. Russell' is an excellent case in point. The bright shimmering tones of 'Copleston aperture' focus more on atmosphere than melody or sequencing, although an energetic rhythmic passage ensues later on. The catchiest number is 'In-Kant-able,' trademark Lakveet with tight sequences, infectious rhythms, and memorable melodies. Highly recommended. --Phil Derby / Electroambient Space