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Dweller at the Threshold - Ouroborus US73


OUROBORUS by Dweller at the Threshold is the first Binary release by a group whose members include Dave Fulton (whose collaboration THE MOST DISTANT POINT KNOWN with Hypnos founder M Griffin was released on Hypnos in 2000), Paul Ellis (whose solo INTO THE LIQUID UNKNOWN is the Binary label debut), and John Duval. The first Dweller album, NO BOUNDARY CONDITION (Eurock) had a strong Tangerine Dream influence, but the group has since moved further into deeper space. One feature identifying Dweller's sound is the heavy use of analog modular synthesizers. Fulton relies on a refrigerator-sized bank of Doepfer modulars and a Synthesis Technologies (MOTM) system. Duval uses "The Fist of God," a massive Serge Modular.

The use of all this expensive, esoteric analog synthesis gear is no mere "synth geek's vanity" -- the sound of Dweller at the Threshold possesses a character and clarity that would simply not be possible with modern digital synthesizers. An audience member at a recent DATT concert in Portland was overheard afterward saying "I haven't heard something that good since Tangerine Dream was young."