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Gianluca Becuzzi/Fabio Orsi - Dust Tears And Clouds Amp54

Packaged in gatefold cardboard cover.

"Following the previous albums released, among others, by Last Visible Dog and Digitalis, 'Dust Tears and Clouds' is the fifth full-length work born from the collaboration between Gianluca Becuzzi and Fabio Orsi. 'Dust Tears and Clouds' combines two CDs in a single release. The first disc, entitled 'Dust Tears and Skinny Legs Poets,' was recorded in 2007 and remained unreleased until now. It contains eight highly evocative tracks that feature American Folk samples recorded by Alan Lomax mixed with guitars and electronics. The second disc collects the three long tracks previously released by Foxglove back in 2007 as a 3x3โ€ MiniCD-Rs extremely limited edition, with the welcome addition of an unreleased fourth track. Here Becuzzi and Orsi offers two solo efforts and two collaborative numbers; the voices and samples that graced the first disc are absent and the musicians create denser experimental plots soaked with field recordings, synthesizers and effects. Overall, the two Italian artists showcase a broad range of solutions and, once again, they create a rich work whose repeated listening will reveal more and more details."