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Francisco Lopez - Untitled #90 misc112

Packaged in a clear slim case with no printed matter.

"The sonic vibrancy of tropical rainforests is highlighted on the one long (45 minutes) track of Untitled #90. But, of course, in the hands of Francisco López, the kinetic sounds are manipulated and shaped in most imaginative ways. Opening with the buzzing hum of life (insects? birds? animals?), the ambience of life within the moist, humid rainforest, envelopes the listener. Not just simple field recordings, the sounds are looped, subtly stretched and tweaked, in such a way as to really bring the edges to the forefront, the amplification scratching at the eardrums with jagged nails. Caustic and enlightening, it teems with sandpaper rubbing resonance, the life here one of undefined energy as Francisco mixes and blends the tones and harsh cadences, a melting pot of undefined, but ultimately living, sounds. The rising pitch (I am inclined to think it is birds, but it may be Francisco getting aggressive within the metamorphosis) heightens the nerve endings, salt on the wound, a flood of abrasive energy. Finally, it settles down as the night blackens the sky, a multitude of insects in chorus. But even here, in the darkness, as the track reaches completion, the chorus, augmented with the sounds of birds and animals (of course), takes a position of belligerence, the underlying truth of existence in the rainforest brought to light. Day or night, life is in constant motion. Original 1st edition"