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Stephen Philips - Desert Landscapes US86


"Stephen Philips' Desert Landscapes comes from the same time frame as his other consonant and extremely gifted works, such as Cycle 1 and Cycles 2. In these recordings, as well as Desert Landscapes, Philips has captured a strangely beautiful ambience that truly whisks the listener away and changes the ambience of their living space as well as their mind space. This is an extremely peaceful recording that has an air of optimism and patience that seems to emanate from the very sound of Philips' well-chosen and slowly evolving sonorous timbres. Again, the comparison to the Cycles series must be made because there's something captured in these recordings that even the best and the oldest in the ambient genre have never been able to capture. Philips is quite possibly one of the brightest and most up-and-coming composers in the ambient genre. Having appeared on over 100 recordings, his work is virtually everywhere, and all of his work is admittedly excellent, though some of the work is good while other works are extraordinary. Desert Landscapes is certainly the latter and one of the best recordings in all of Stephen Philips' expansive catalog. This is a highly recommended recording for anyone who wants to relax, meditate, contemplate, or even have sweet dreams while they sleep; beyond that it's just an excellent recording."