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Various Artists - Ambient Landscapes 2 US90


"Washington, DC-based Dark Duck Records is proud to present ‘Ambient Landscapes 2.’ A compilation of new and innovative ambient, deep chill, and atmospheric music. Included in the compilation are Dark Duck Records artists Stephen Philips, Deep Chill Network, and Excelsior who have been plotting a new course of ambient for the last 6 years and whose music has been featured on many radio programs around the world. Also joining the mix is Chicago-based ambienteer James Johnson, whose CD ‘Unity’ was awarded ‘Best Ambient Album of 1998’ (Wind & Wire magazine) and whose latest release ‘Live Under A Harvest Moon’ (live with Ma Ja Le) is already turning the ambient world on it’s heels. Ohio-based Twine (Chad Mossholder and Greg Malcolm) have been making waves recently at AdAstra Records with their new form of experimental ambient techno, and Toronto-based ambient soundscape artists dreamSTATE (Scott McGregor Moore and Jamie Todd) have been single-handedly carving out the ambient scene in Toronto. Also included are several newcomers who are already making their presence known. Subspace (Jonathan Hughes) who records stunningly beautiful drifting ambient for Sunburst Fifty Music, San Francisco bay area resident Alan Imberg who’s sonically processed brand of guitar ambient has been featured in local independent films, and all the way from The Netherlands come e. Voice p. (Serge Marinec and Andrei Vasiljev) who have been collecting samples and composing ambient music for several years."