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Ron Boots - Ghost of a Mist US94

"'Ghost of a Mist is the second Ron Boots CD. The cover artwork suggests that Ron is visiting a desert theme. Indeed, there are elements of desert ambience with a quicker pace and an airy atmosphere. This IS a great CD!

Ron's style of placing heavy sequences within the atmospheres leans toward the atmospheric aspects. Those atmospheres are dense and full. 'Desert Clouds' features a smokin' rock and roll electric guitar by Klaus Hoffman Hoock.
It is the perfect compliment to Ron's airy ambience. The sudden start shakes listeners and grabs their attention. The piece is the perfect finale as the guitar fades into the drift and becomes a piece of the soundscape. That is where the album gets a desolate desert feel!

Ron is not one to sit still and let it happen. He embraces life and makes it happen!" --Jim Brenholts