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Matthew J Harris -- The Cure May Never Come US103


Experimental, Ambient

Excerpt from inner sleeve:
"The Cure May Never Come is the first piece in the Renewable Music Series. These pieces will be long-form ambient pieces consisting of ninety-nine unique tracks to be played back using the random feature of most CD players. The formula for figuring out how many arrangements of 99 tracks there can be is 99 factorial, or 99 x 98 x 97 x 96 and so on all the way to 1. The result of this is the number 9.3326e+155, which is the manageable way of representing 9 with 155 zeros at the end of it. Given the number of ways that 99 tracks can be arranged, it is very unlikely that anyone would hear the same arrangement of these elements as another would, or would hear it the same way twice themselves."

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