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Llunstorcarnay – Lament Of A Forgotten God US106


Dark Ambient, Abstract, Drone, Experimental, Ambient

"Llunstorcarnay was the collaboration of Seren Ffordd and Gliese 614 – created by sending each other files of music and sounds to play and explore with. The album was finally mixed and completed in the StarWeb studio by Seren Ffordd.

Lament of a Forgotten God was inspired by the wild places in nature and the early humans that lived in these places, bringing the stories of the lands to life in what we now call myths and legends.

The album follows a theme – If there were Gods who manifested the beauty of the Earth herself, how would the last of these forgotten gods feel about the descent of humanity into mindless destruction and consumption – how would they feel about the loss of the dreams that created such places as Stonehenge.....

The album has a range of music, sounds and ‘soundscapes’ from which this story is woven and told. "