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Various Artists ‎– The Ghost Orchid: An Introduction To EVP US109


Field Recording, Noise, Dialogue, Experimental, Ambient

This CD is the first ever fully comprehensive (and digitally remastered) investigation into the paranormal phenomenon of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), an unexplained mystery related to ufology, life after death and poltergeist activity.

The listener is guided through a collection of strange and mysterious voices that have appeared without explanation onto the tapes of EVP researchers. Included with the CD is a 24 page booklet containing essays regarding EVP by MSCHarding, Jürgen Heinzerling, Johannes Hagel & Margot Tschapke, Joe Banks (“Rorschach Audio”) and Raymond Cass.

The audio has been copied from cassette tapes, some of which were recorded over 35 years ago and so may be of an inferior quality compared to standard compact disc releases.