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Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana -- Circles & Artifacts US111


After the release of their monumental Ascension of Shadows 3-CD-set, in 1999/2000 Roach & Obmana collaborated-by-mail on the soundtrack for a limited edition interactive CD-Rom of photography by Martina Verhoeven.

"A floating long-from meditative piece, it's a unique ambient environment, immersing the listener in a carefully designed soundworld; rewarding whether just below the threshold of perception, or through active listening. The gradual shifting and drifting is music to get lost in. Though the changes over time are subtle - almost imperceptible - there is growth and change. "If you like music for meditation, this should be very appealing. Roach and Obmana have a gift for minimalism that is at the same time dark and yet beautiful." - Wind & Wire