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Tranzit - Tranz-Rapid US112


Groove Unlimited

"Deeply resonant electronics share the mix with airy tonalities and nimble, crystalline keyboards. Intricate E-perc lends compelling rhythms to the lush structure of these tunes. The synthesizers wail and warble, expressing pleasantly shrill riffs that invigorate as they entertain. There is a sparkle to most of the sounds utilized to create this music, a shimmer that is reminiscent of dizzying altitudes where the air is not rarefied but contains a euphoric concentration of oxygen.

While much of this music is dynamic and frolicsome, an ambient edge emerges every once in a while to pacify the audience. Even these sedate passages, though, possess a melodic presence, as delicate melodies are explored with a subtle pep and verve. Mechanical overtones are tempered with rich humanity, producing music that is spacey but earthy.

A wide range of styles are displayed on this CD, from hyperactive Berlin School electronics to ambient passages to ethnic-tinged compositions that merge EM sensibilities with World Music. Besides showing Nusink's versatility, this variety makes this recording of interest to several genres." --Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

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