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Thomas P. Heckmann - Raum US113


"Originally released in 1999 on the Mille Plateaux label, this was an experimental and ambient excursion with the inspiration from such artists as Brian Eno, Steve Reich, Conrad Schnitzler."

"Like such classic albums as Brian Eno's APOLLO and Tangerine Dream's PHAEDRA, RAUM plays with perspective. Heckmann's music exerts centrifugal force in seven phases. At times you are left to orbit--floating freely, peering down with wonder as cloudbanks part, stellar bodies dance, and tendrils of synth emerge from RAUM's unfixed center to seek the corners of infinite space. Occasionally, Heckmann tugs on the astral tether, drawing one into the source of sound to be enveloped by its pulsating glow. RAUM is an exceptional ambient achievement that allows one to experience sound from within and from without."

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