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Viridian Sun - Solar Noise hyp1702

A rich exploration into sonic textures and nuances. Listeners often describe this sound experience in terms of the sights or emotions it inspires, rather than how it sounds. Features M. Griffin (synthesizers) and David Tollefson (treated guitars).

Track listing with MP3 sample clips:
01 Solan Solar N Sol
02 Voxuua Soexis
03 Serere
04 Nervous Eclipse
05 Radiat


"Atmospheric gasps and galactic intrigue further inform Viridian Sun's Solar Noise. Like NY's Everything Must Go, the duo of Mike Griffin (electronics) and David Tollefson (guitars), are working within the parameters of what is unceremoniously called ‘space music’ but, rather than being a redolent series of bass sequencers and whispery effects, Viridian Sun's undeniably powerful aura is cast by a scintillating alteration of synthetic/organic tones and pitches, guitar strings that are cannily manipulated, and a plethora of compellingly esoteric sounds. The opening "Solan Solar n Sol" could have been Kubrick's ode to the monolith from 2001, had the director sought out electronics instead of regal classicism, as Viridian Sun take the listener on a journey through differing sonic mazes, loops, peaks and valleys. And again, like their fellow Hypnos artists, they exhibit a gift for daunting imagery and wordplay: titles like "Radiat" and "Voxuua Soexis" unravel as provocatively as the soundsmiths who invented their sonic counterparts. In a word: gripping."
--Darren Bergstein, i/e Magazine