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Bruno Sanfilippo - InTRO ad02

Bruno Sanfilippo is an artist who is quickly developing a well-respected name for himself in ambient circles. With this in mind, the aptly titled InTRO" is a great place to acquaint oneself with Bruno's talents. Made up of seven distinct pieces, "InTRO" presents a variety of styles and sounds that all showcase Sanfilippo's skills."\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

Bruno Sanfilippo make a visionary statement of such extraordinary beauty and diversity that it seems to have been conceived by a \r\ncollective of gifted artists. \r\nEach track on his new album deliver a specific mood. InTRO is a subtle work of alchemical invocation which summons the inner worlds. \r\nThe soundscapes painted with piano (meditative piano playing a la Harold Budd), duduk, didgeridoo and electronic instruments will soothe, caress and lull you into feelings of extreme serenity. \r\nBewildering and beautiful by turns, this is one of those records that I can imagine still offering up new insights many years from now. -by M.Christian Burcea · Journeys to the Infinite Radio \r\n\r\n

Argentinean composer Bruno Sanfilippo already has eight albums to his name and, \r\neven though I've never heard him before,I sense a mature musician's poise and sense of craft all through this exquisite CD of tone colour ambience. \r\nA thin veil covers these melodies and impressions, unifying a quite varied sequence tracks with the soft-focus that "pure" forms of ambience always seem to have. "Intropiano" sounds like a superior Budd & Eno moment. "Introvoices" suggests floating through a glowing nebula or standing on a mountain peak in the Himalayas on a pristine clear day."Introvisions" sounds like a violin and cello making love in a very large cave. On "Introsacro" layers of bells, guitar delay, whistling winds and very subtle chants gel in such a magical way that it cuts far deeper than a mere impression of something sacred.Exactly what's electronic and what's acoustic on this album is difficult to tell and I'm sure an organic sound was Sanfilippo's intention. Many elements have a familiar old-school ring to them but what Intro proves is that nothing need sound cliched in the hands of the gifted. A sensual and memorable piece of work. -by Mike G. - Ambient Music Guide

This release from 2006 offers 54 minutes of engaging ambience. Joining Sanfilippo on this recording is Alio Die on one track. For the first track: softly drifting textures are augmented by dreamy strings and sedate percussives, generating a lush and pleasant dose of ambience. Environmental samples enhance this soothing tuneage, contrasting the aerial violin with placid rainfall. The next track is ushered in by wind chimes winding their way through cyclic electronics breathing in tandem with didgeridoo. The serene tones maintain a steady flux that excellently suits an introspective reverie. The third piece wafts in on a shuddering breeze, orchestral airs vibrating in the distance while fragile electronics lazily cavort in the foreground amid softly ponged bells.\r\nStately piano commands the next track, describing pensive chords in an ethereal fog of wind-borne electronics. Relaxation becomes mandatory. Heavenly hosts rise in the next track to meet a rain-swept wash punctuated by pastoral zephyrs.The next track employs singsong tones to achieve a contemplative milieu that is as captivating as it is dreamlike. The melody sways with tender intention, caressing the psyche with tendrils of sweet resonance.Piano reappears for the final piece, waxing emotional and conspiring with persuasive soundscapes to achieve a sweeping return to externality. superb dose of ambience whose power is understated but vibrant, evoking a series of entries into the inner mind. -Matt Howarth - Sonic Curiosity