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Isobel Clouter & Rob Mullender - Myths Of Origin, Sonic Ephemera From East Asia andoar28

The recordings came about as a result of a project instigated in late 1999, which bears witness to a long held fascination with how the environment generates and shapes culture, memory and myth. There was no desire to conduct any scientific or anthropological field work, but to collect a set of recordings which would serve to illustrate how precious the sonic environment can be, and to act as founding materials for a soundscape collection at the British Library Sound Archive.

Track listing:
1. Sawara matsuri, Singing sand, Suikinkutsu
2. Kotohiki-hama - Kotoga-hama beaches
3. Chion-in temple, Nightingale floor, Saiho-ji temple
4. Dune ascent / descent
5. Aosigetunoer descent
6. Baoritaolegainuoer Natural Booming
7. Baoritaolegainuoer descent
8. Dune 3 descent
9. Tibetan Prayer wheels, Xiahe

"The audio CD also features a PDF of extra photos pertaining to the recordings that can be accessed on a computer, and comes packaged in a four color digipak and a 12 page booklet."


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