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Various Artists - Lost and Found (2-CD) fou10

2002. A two disc compilation giving a glimpse into both the past and present activities of Hypnos partner The Foundry. This serves as an excellent "cross-section" sampler of current Foundry artists, for listeners interested in exploring the label but not sure where to start, as well as functioning as a document of early Foundry recordings, from the days of the imprint's lower-profile, pre-Hypnos.

A growing number of listeners have purchased such recent Hypnos/Foundry titles as ZERO POINT by Seofon, ALL THE STARS BURNING BRIGHT by eM, and TRILLIUM by Jonathan Hughes, and these new enthusiasts to The Foundry will find LOST AND FOUND a gateway to the exploration of other works by these artists, as well as such Foundry figures as Rhomb, The Apiary, Mollusk, Dean Santomieri, and M. Bentley.

The first CD (Lost) gathers some of the highlights from the Foundry's pre-Hypnos releases, including a specially re- recorded version of Above the Earth, to produce a disc of introspective ambient styles.

Disc two (Found, which contains five tracks drawn from discs co-released with Hypnos and seven non-album, preview and unreleased tracks) provides an unique insight into the state of The Foundry today.

1. rhomb - above the earth (2002 version) [5.08] original version on ECLECTRONICA
2. rhomb - occluded forms [5.46] from MOTE
3. rhomb - empty roads [5.00] from HIDDEN TOPOGRAPHIES
4. eM - chasm [5.09] from GREATER THAN ZERO, LESS THAN ONE
5. eM - edison naps [2.28] from CLICK POP
6. eM - temple ghost simoom [6.00] from DJINN
7. the apiary - dreams of ragnarok and sysiphus [6.14] from DESCENT
8. eM - shoals of stars [6.10] from MOTE
9. rhomb - ice fields [4.39] from HIDDEN TOPOGRAPHIES
10. m. bentley - flora [2.54] from ECLECTRONICA
11. rhomb - darkened [4.35] from HIDDEN TOPOGRAPHIES
12. the apiary - repeat (pt. 3) [8.41] from DESCENT
13. m. bentley - deep, listen [6.44] from ECLECTRONICA

1. dean santomieri - chapter one (instrumental) [4.59] original version on THE BOY BENEATH THE SEA
2. mollusk - barnacle: island [5.09] from ACCRETIONS
3. eM - between [6.05] from ALL THE STARS BURNING BRIGHT
4. jonathan hughes - alta [7.35] from TRILLIUM
5. eM - piano ship [5.39] from an upcoming FOUNDRY release
6. dean santomieri - chapter three [1.09] from THE BOY BENEATH THE SEA
7. seofon - lessons in being nothing [6.41] from ZERO POINT
8. dean santomieri + mollusk - farewell to the deep [5.34] PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
9. jonathan hughes + mollusk - argonautica: four [7.39] PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
10. eM - galaxies like grains of sand [4.58] from the ALL THE STARS BURNING BRIGHT sessions
11. seofon - collecting the spirits (alternate version) [6.41] PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
12. eM - bertram's room [4.39] from the NO COMPRESSION FESTIVAL COMPILATION