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A Produce - Inscape and Landscape ap3

1996. MP3 samples:
Choir of Industry
Dwell 1
Inscape and Landscape
This Golden Needle

Dwell 1 1:10
Inscape & Landscape 5:13
Sea Of Breath 8:30
The Mystic Circle 2:55
First Glimpse 6:07
The Hidden Observer 5:45
Isua 5:21
The Golden Needle 7:03
Choir Of Industry 5:50
Empty Pause 4:17
Dwell 2 16:07

"Music that makes great impact on the senses and has visionary content: the new A Produce could not be better! The exploration of altered state of consciousness (the inscapes) is profound and complete, contrasting with the excursions into the real world (the landscapes), which has always been the artistic philosophy of this California musician and which here reaches an extremely high level of expressiveness... The definitive version of "Dwell," at sixteen minutes in its bell study, takes up the oppressive discourse of Rich/Lustmord's "Stalker" and concludes the voyage of what is the most complete sound experiences that can be achieved at this time. Use your repeat button, disconnect the telephone and your contact with the world, and let the biology of these sounds become your biology: you will find yourself in trance. Magnificent."
-Gianluigi Gasparetti, Deep Listenings Magazine (Italy)

"One of this reviewer's favorite moments is when a new A Produce CD arrives. Never failing to capture a fresh sonic atmosphere to bask in, the California-based composer has hit the mark again with Inscape & Landscape. A Produce quotes Jack Gariss in the liner notes, 'Every note is heard in silence.... for that silence is the birth of every note.' That sums up what A Produce's music is all about. Each sound appears from the silence of outer space, then swings into earth's orbit, falling to earth like a pulsating comet, dissolving into the dark sky, leaving a lasting perception."
-Dwight Loop, Santa Fe Sun

"Perhaps the best album yet.... A Produce moves slowly throbbing percussive rhythms to dreamy, floating synthesizer ambiences. More than many ambient artists, A Produce's music evokes a visual scenery that moves from the inside out."
-John Diliberto, Echoes

"This is what ambient music is supposed to be: atmospheric, ephemeral, otherworldly, and ravishingly beautiful. A Produce continues to adhere to an ambient standard set by the likes of Harold Budd and Briano Eno in the mid-70's in this genre; other points of reference, or departure, might be the work of Steve Roach, Jeff Greinke, Jon Hassell and Robert Rich. A Produce creates evocative and heavenly soundscapes with a richness of sonority, breadth of timbre, a mix of influences both contemporary and non-Western, and sumptuousness that is simply breathtaking.... A Produce has done it again."
-Dean Suzuki, Option

"Inscape and Landscape is a wonderful release, and will please those already familiar with his music, as well as attract new fans that are hearing him for the first time...Given this release and his very strong White Sands of last year, I feel confident that A Produce will distinguish himself as one of the more important voices in ambient music in this decade."
-New Age Voice

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