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Paul Ellis - Into the Liquid Unknown US74


INTO THE LIQUID UNKNOWN by Paul Ellis (best known as 1/3 of Dweller at the Threshold, a group whose new disc OUROBORUS is the other new release on Hypnos/Binary), a bright and distinctive piece of modern electronic music. Those of you who are more interested in true e-music -- shifting synthesizer patterns, beautiful resonances, expressions of the soul of the machine -- will delight in this fantastic, fresh recording.

Using a dash of classic European e-music as a reference point, but never for a minute sounding like an artist exploring any path buts Ellis's own, INTO THE LIQUID UNKNOWN supplies that modern synth music "fix" for listeners who remember their excitement at first hearing Wendy Carlos, Jean-Michel Jarre, Synergy, or early Tangerine Dream... but for people who already own all those albums and don't want to hear them re-done. Like the first albums of Alpha Wave Movement and Synthetic Block, this album utilizes just the right limited measure of "classic" and moves on from there to create something new.

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