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David Hastings - Electric Cafe US78


"Electric Café is a tour de force of electronic, ambient, ethnic and world beat music from David Hastings. It is also the third release from Biff Johnson's Broad Vista label. David takes careful listeners on a tour of various electronic styles, overtones and undertones. Strategically placed symphonic synthesizer washes compliment the world rhythms and heavy sequences nicely. David's liner notes credit him with performing on analog synths and digital keyboards. Through his expert manipulation of those devices, he creates a soundscape of exotic proportions. There are no samplers listed, so listeners must assume that all the sounds are electronically generated. The rhythms are genuine and they carry the melodies gracefully and effortlessly. It sounds like David had a world class percussion section in the studio along with a sample collection worthy of Toby Marks or Richard D. James. He had neither. This is a fun album that demands listening! In whatever fashion listeners absorb it, toes will tap and listeners will grin!"

--Jim Brenholts for ambient